The Sixgun Republic

A group of ragtag music desperados roaming the industry wasteland best describes the band. That is one of Americana fueled by Texan integrity and urban reality. Whether its Country and Western, Folk, Roots, Punk, Rockabilly, or Blues, American born music lives and breathes fire in their soul

The Sixgun Republic should not be taken lightly. They are a unit of well trained veterans with thousands of gigs collectively under their belts. In one year alone, they've managed to scorch the Doll Hut in California, cause a biker riot at the Deer Crossing in Texas, and blasted the roof off CBGB's in New York 3 times before its closing. Always touring and highly mobile, these marauding mariachis select their targets wisely. Completing a 9th tour of Finland and the 10th USA tour this year. Supporting a brand new western gunslinger inspired record, "Six For The Chamber" they'll be charging toward your town with a record at a full sonic gallop.
See yall on the road!
Sixgun Republic
est. 1999
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